Only Flat Coated

Galva Metal is proud to announce its partnership with Wuppermann Group, on of world's leading steel producer with 140 years of experience.

Wuppermann Group – steel producer with rich experience and deep roots in Steel production in past, was founden in 1872 .The  Headquarters located  in Leverkuzen.  Production units are located in 13 different places in Europe, employing more than 1300 people. Wuppermann Group is  a high quality producer of galvanized steels, and profiles and tubes made of them. Together with the fourth  new Galvanizing  line which is planned to launch in Hungary and already existing Galvanizing lines, Wuppermann will reach 1.500.000 tons production capacity in material thickness ranging from 1.00- to 7.00mm.




Cooperation between Galva Metal and Wuppermann which started in 2011, raised to a new level with  Wuppermann becoming 35% share-holder  of Galva metal.

With this investment both parts  are aiming at  rapid mutual  growth.